‘Ruff’ Guide: The Search for the Most Dog-Friendly Road Trips

From coastline-hugging highways, to winding countryside roads, there’s no travel experience quite like the road trip, especially as you can bring your four-legged friend along with you! 

It is estimated that 75% of families will take a road trip in the next 12 months and 60% already plan their holidays around their pets; we wanted to find out which of Europe’s most iconic road trips offer the best experience for dogs (and their owners too).

From pet friendly Airbnbs to the number of dog-friendly walking trails on route, when you’re ready to hit the road, here are Europe’s most dog-friendly road trips. Happy driving!

‘Ruff’ guide: Europe’s top 3 dog-friendly road trips revealed

Dog-friendly road trips

Taking 78 of the most popular European road trip journeys, tails.com researchers used a five point criteria to determine which road trips offer the most for dogs (and their owners) along the way.

Paris to Nice road trip crowned Europe’s most dog-friendly road trip

Discover the true beauty of France with this 578-mile road trip through the heart of France. Along this exceptional route, you’ll pass through hundreds of dog-friendly destinations including Paris, Lyon, Valence, Avignon, Marseille and Nice.

This road trip scored 36.2 out of 50 for elements like dog-friendly Airbnb’s and dog-friendly restaurants along the way, so your pooch will be able to put their paws up in comfort after a long day of travel.


Kick-off your road trip with a visit to Paris’s traditional bistro, La Fontaine De Mars.  Welcoming four-legged friends with open arms, you can grab a table on the outdoor terrace and enjoy authentic French food.


Lyon is a city known for its historical and architectural landmarks, but also its love of dogs. There’s plenty of pet-friendly Airbnb’s to stay at with your dog and for a fair price you can rent a city-centre apartment for just £80.


Indulge in some traditional French cuisine at Le Cafe Victor Hugo, where dogs can join you for lunch on the shaded terrace. The friendly waiting staff will even bring your dog a fresh bowl of water over.


After exploring Avignon, make sure to stop by Le 46 for a delicious Mediterranean menu and a restaurant where your four-legged friend is always welcome.


Marseille has lots of dog-friendly Airbnb’s to choose from and some at a very affordable price. We’ve found a 1 bedroom, 2-bed, authentic French apartment for just £59 a night, close to the Old Port of Marseille.


No trip to Nice is complete without a trip to dog-friendly Bocca Nissa that offers French and Mediterranean dishes on its rooftop terrace, where your dog can join you for dinner.

Edinburgh to Kirkwall – Scottish road trip scores high on dog-friendly credentials

Last year, we crowned Edinburgh as the UK’s most dog-friendly staycation destination so there’s no wonder this road trip starting in the Scottish capital scored high for dog-friendliness.

Voted 7.9 out of 10 for best walking trails, there’s plenty of ‘big walks’ to explore on your journey through Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Kirkwall.


What better way to begin your journey than with a trip to Edinburgh’s Portobello Beach. The popular dog-friendly destination is the perfect spot for a seaside stroll and a dip of paws (and feet) in the ocean.


Duthie Park in Aberdeen has 44 acres of green space, winding paths and a river to roam, making it a great location to stop off with your four-legged friend.


There’s no better place to explore and feel the wind in your fur (and hair) than Loch Ness. The scenic walk is 23 miles in length around the large, deepwater lock and you might even catch a glimpse of the allusive Loch Ness Monster.


Kirkwall Harbourfront is a picturesque place to enjoy a leisurely stroll with your dog and once you’ve worked up an appetite, perch on a bench with some fish and chips, watching the local fishermen come and go.

Marbella to Granada scores top marks for a Spanish dog-friendly adventure

Explore Spain’s most ‘canine catered for’ cities on this road trip that takes you through Marbella, Ronda, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

Scoring 30.4 out of 50 for dog-friendly restaurants and Airbnb’s, there’s plenty of places to stop off for some tapas and dog treats along the way.



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