Why do dogs eat grass?

If you have a dog, chances are you’ve seen them eat grass at some point. Sometimes, dogs eat grass and swallow it. Other times, they simply chew it up and spit it out. Ever wondered what that’s all about? Or got a bit worried? You’re not alone. Many dog parents have the same question in mind – why do dogs eat grass – and want to know what it means for their canine friend. Find out why dogs eat grass, when it’s safe and when it’s not. Plus, discover what dog dangers to look out for in summer.

Why do dogs eat grass?

“Why does my dog eat grass?” you might be wondering. There is no one simple reason why dogs eat grass. Dogs enjoy munching on the stuff for a bunch of different reasons.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons, and what you can do about it.

1. Your dog’s just following their instinct.

One simple explanation for why dogs eat grass is instinct. It’s a natural instinct – to hunt and scavenge for food – like your canine best friend’s ancestors did back in the day. In the past, dogs survived by eating grass and other plants, meat and bones, and food scraps that could be found around groups of humans.

Dogs are natural scavengers. They’ve evolved to find a meal wherever they go.

Their scavenger nature is also what enabled dogs to survive and thrive as long as they have throughout history. That, combined with their prey drive, which is still quite intense in some dog breeds.

Grass eating is thought to be a normal habit inherited from wild dogs from a long, long time ago. For dogs back then to survive, they would have needed good hunting abilities in order to survive as a pack. Grass eating may have evolved to help conceal their scent from their prey. Over time, dogs have evolved to become omnivores – like us humans – which can explain why they still have an appetite for grass.

2. Your dog is missing some nutrients.

One reason why dogs eat grass is that they are really hungry, or have a dietary deficiency. If a dog is not getting their nutritional needs met, it’s more likely they’ll eat grass.

Grass, like other plants growing outdoors in nature, contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are good for your furry friend.

Before preparing homemade meals, be sure to consult a professional to make sure you’ve got the right balance of nutrition. If you notice that your dog has been munching away on grass or houseplants, then you may want to introduce natural herbs or cooked vegetables into their diet.



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