Is CBD Oil Approved by Veterinarians? A Complete Guide

Having a pet that isn’t feeling well can be one of the most stressful experiences a pet parent can go through. A beloved pet is a part of the family and is very special. Their feeling bad is not ideal for them, and it’s not ideal for the pet parent and family. Looking for a solution is only natural and completely understandable.


1. Do Veterinarians Approve Of CBD?
2. Are Vets Recommending CBD For Pets Now?
3. What If My Pet’s Vet Isn’t Recommending CBD?
4. What Health Conditions Are Vets Recommending CBD For?
5. Do I Have To Have A Vet’s Approval To Give My Pet CBD?
6. Where Can I Buy CBD Products?
7. My Vet Recommended CBD For My Pet, Should I Give It To Them?

Many people today are becoming more and more skeptical about prescriptions and chemicals. Taking too many prescriptions and chemicals can have adverse side effects. This is not just speculation, either. Many prescription medications come with a list of side effects that are possible. As a matter of fact, some of the side effects are horrible and could even be worse than the health condition that is being treated.

Understandably, people don’t want to ingest too many medications. So if people don’t want to take too many medications, why would pet parents want to give them to their pets? Sure, there are some medications that can be very helpful to treat an animal’s health condition. But, if there is a natural alternative that could work just as well or better, that would be most ideal.

One of the most well-known natural alternatives to medications for treating health conditions in people and pets is CBD. CBD is derived from cannabis and hemp extracts and is entirely natural. It is important that people realize that CBD is not psychoactive. There is no THC in many CBD products. So, people and animals alike are not experiencing a “high.” This is why it has become more accepted in many states and countries. A lot of regulators were skeptical of selling something derived from cannabis and allowing for its consumption. However, they are beginning to realize that derivatives and extracts that have no THC are perfectly safe for consumption and use and that people and animals will not be high. This is very important. Pet parents need to know that CBD is NOT going to get their pets high at all.

However, even the most open-minded pet parent will wonder this one simple thing:

Do Veterinarians Approve Of CBD?

Yes, veterinarians generally approve of CBD.

A large amount of vets approve of CBD for pets, and there is some evidence to back that up. As a matter of fact, many veterinarians offer CBD products at their vet clinics. In larger cities, you can likely find vet offices in the dozens that are now selling CBD products to their customers.

In this article, we will show why many veterinarians approve of CBD and what kinds of products and brands we would recommend for your pet.

When CBD was first emerging, a lot of veterinarians were hesitant to approve of it. After all, they didn’t really know much about it. There weren’t that many articles and scientific studies to back up how much CBD could really help when it first started gaining notice. This makes complete sense. New products are often met with a skeptical crowd. Proof that a product works is vital.

Now, there are a lot of articles and studies that show how beneficial CBD can be for people and animals alike. However, many countries and states have been slow to approve of CBD for legal use. This has made it difficult for vets to vocalize approval for CBD and for pet parents to be able to take advantage of it for their animals. A lot of the issue has come from states and countries banning or strictly regulating hemp or cannabis.

The good news is that more states and countries are allowing CBD sales for consumption. This means more vets are able to approve and recommend CBD for animals and pets that need it.

Also, there has been a legal regulation allowing CBD products with less than .3% THC to be sold for consumption for people and pets.

This means that the vets that approve of CBD are legally and freely able to recommend or even sell CBD or hemp-based products in their offices. That is great news for pet parents that are strong believers in natural and organic options.

Are Vets Recommending CBD For Pets Now?

Yes, they are! Many vets are openly recommending CBD for pets. This is true all over Canada, the US, and other countries where it is becoming legal and accepted for consumption and use.

There are even vets that are discussing CBD with well-regarded news outlets.

There is an article at this site where there are highly respected veterinarians discussing the benefits of CBD. It is an interesting and informative read and shows you that there are experienced and respected vets that approve of CBD for use in animals to help with a variety of health issues and ailments.

Thankfully, more and more vets are recommending this natural product openly. So, it is possible that even your current trusted vet is recommending it now.

The science and research behind its benefits have become more and more widespread. Therefore, more people are finding out about those benefits. This is good for everyone. Pet parents and humans that need something all-natural to help them with pain now have an option that has been proven to be effective.



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