The Benefits of Salmon Oil for Dogs

salmon oil with dogs

If you’ve been ogling our specialist bottles of sustainably sourced, omega-rich Salmon Oil For Dogs, you may have wondered, ‘What does salmon oil actually do for my dog?’ Though Pooch & Mutt’s range of nutritional dog foods are designed to keep your pup happy and healthy, salmon oil contains vital ingredients that are essential for a dog’s development. In fact, for any animal, it’s one of the most beneficial supplements there is.

Read on for an in-depth guide on how salmon oil can benefit your dog and to learn some of the science behind salmon oil’s powerful, superhero ingredients.

How does salmon oil help dogs?

Salmon oil is such a marvel because of its wonder-trio of fatty acids: Omega 3, 6 and 9. These powerful ingredients are really beneficial to your dog’s body and mind; they promote healthier skin and coat quality, improved heart health, and they boost immune system, brainpower and movement.

What’s the science behind salmon oil?

To dig a little deeper, Omega 3 was recognised as a molecular marvel when it was found to contain fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Really long in name and in nature, DHA and EPA are long-chain acids containing 20 or more carbon atoms, and in 1929, scientists found that they form the important structural components (1) of healthy cell membranes. In 2004, the US FDA made it official – Omega 3 and 6 were given ‘qualified health claim status’ for being  beneficial to normal, healthy growth.

Here’s the most important bit – all mammal bodies, including humans and dogs – don’t produce DHA and EPA naturally. To receive these nutrients, vital for our mental and physical development, we have to get them from food… such as salmon oil.



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