Why Tractive Makes The Best GPS For Search And Rescue Dogs

Pure gold – that’s what Search and Rescue (SAR) teams across North America call the Tractive GPS Tracker. The device’s live GPS technology and location tracking are so accurate that the crews depend on it for their vital work during SAR missions. It’s for the same reasons that more than 500,000 pet parents around the world trust Tractive to keep their pets safe – reliability and accuracy when they need it most, right down to their pet’s exact steps. So what makes Tractive the best GPS for Search and Rescue dogs?

Bolton and Shelba

In Ontario, Canada, William Bolton and his K9 partner Sheba (a 9-year-old Husky-Lab mix) also count on Tractive during their searches, and it’s even helped to save a life! After an 83-year-old man went missing for several days in 2017, Bolton, Sheba, and police used Tractive’s GPS technology to help find the man alive. Using Tractive to trace Sheba’s every step, law enforcement were able to figure out exactly where they needed to search in order to find him.

Tractive GPS also helps Bolton and Sheba during water searches – where there are often no exact paths to follow or landmarks to return to. That’s why Bolton says Tractive’s Location History and LIVE Tracking are so imperative to use during their searches.

“While I’m out there, I don’t have time to be constantly checking my phone – I have to look at Sheba, the boat, and the water,” explained Bolton. “So with Tractive’s Location History, I can go back after the fact to verify and validate our search area.“



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