The Best CBD Dog Supplement

Because of the perceived health benefits, CBD dog products of all kinds have taken today’s market by storm. Unfortunately, not all CBD dog products are manufactured and processed with the same careful procedures. It’s critical to know which type of CBD and extraction process can be most beneficial for your dog. Green Gruff canine supplements use only the best and safest CBD extraction processes to support your dog with endless health benefits. Our CBD dog supplements contain full-spectrum CBD which can promote a better well-being for your dog when compared to CBD isolates. In general, CBD can assist dogs with many physical and emotional health benefits. So, what’s the difference from full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

Green Gruff - The Best CBD Dog Supplements

Both full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate oils derive from the cannabis plant. Though they come from the same plant, they still have their key differences. In fact, full-spectrum CBD is the most common form of cannabis use for medical healing purposes. Full-spectrum CBD is widely studied to help naturally assist aggression, support anxiety-related behaviors, aid muscle/joint pain, and other adverse ailments in dogs. This is credited to it containing multiple beneficial cannabis extracts such as terpenes, essential fatty acids, and other cannabinoids. However, this also means that full-spectrum CBD contains little traces of THC. The psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant used for recreational purposes. But, it’s still well under the legal amount of 0.3% and won’t produce any negative effects in your pup.

The main differences of full-spectrum CBD from CBD isolate are that it can be much more effective and natural. That being said, CBD isolate goes through very intensive refining processes and genetic modification which yields pure single strain CBD. Not only does this make it more unnatural, but also gives it less efficacy and longevity when treating various maladies. Whereas, full-spectrum CBD is less processed, more powerful, and longer lasting with its advantageous effects. In addition, full-spectrum CBD is also seen to aid in preventing cancer or support the lifespan of dogs with cancer. Thus, making it a much more promising choice over CBD isolate in promoting your dog with a happier, healthier life.



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