The Best Dog Food For Active Dogs

Active, high-energy dogs have a higher caloric need. This does not mean they need more food. Instead, they need a food with a higher fat and protein content to support their metabolism. When looking for dog food, try to find one with a fat ratio of over 20% and protein content of more than 28%. There are other nutritional needs to keep in mind when trying to find the right food for your active dog.

  • Amino acids. These help to reduce fatigue after activity and support muscle repair.
  • B-Vitamins. These aid in the conversion of nutrients into energy.
  • Magnesium. Helps maintain activity levels.
  • Whole food ingredients. This helps ensure that the food is high quality and has a good nutrient profile.

A good quality dog food is important for any dog. High-quality ingredients that can be traced back to their source mean that there is accountability in the production of the food. High-quality food means better nutritional value to help maintain your dog’s performance. Food is fuel, and to ensure your dog’s continued performance, and health, you need to make sure your dog is getting the nutrition they need. Poor nutrition, especially in an active dog, can lead to low energy levels, injuries, poor skin and coat quality, and a decreased quality of life.



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