The Best Dog Nail Clippers for Your Dog

Our dog’s nails are continuously growing. And while walking your pup regularly can wear down their claws, most dogs still need their nails trimmed regularly. Using sharp, high-quality clippers can make quick work of clipping your dog’s nails. The best dog nail clippers can also reduce the risk of frayed nails, mis-snipping, and jagged edges that can make nails too sharp.

dog holding nail clippers in its mouth

Why Does Quality Matter When it Comes to Dog Nail Clippers?

“My dog hates having their nails trimmed. Does it really make a difference if I skip it?” While a nail trim may seem unimportant, clipping your dog’s nails regularly is an essential part of providing your pup with their best life. Nail trims aren’t just about looks. They keep your dog healthy and active.

Long nails can catch on your rugs and clothing, and they can lead to cuts and scrapes for you and your pup. When your dog’s nails become too long,  it can also lead to long-term joint pain, trouble walking, and difficulty standing. Skipping nail trims can have a profound effect on your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Most importantly, keeping your dog’s paws healthy keeps your dog happy. When your dog is able to play, run, and walk without discomfort, they are more likely to partake in the activities they love. And guess what? These activities keep your pup’s health in order as well.

How to Select the Best Dog Nail Clippers for Your Pup’s Needs

When it comes to selecting a set of dog nail clippers, you will have three options to choose from. Whether you use a combination or one type of tool will depend on your dog’s needs and your preference.

You will want to select a dog nail clipper style that is easy for you to use and is safe for your dog.

Guillotine Nail Clippers

guillotine dog nail clippers cutting cavoodle nails

These clippers are designed to quickly and easily snip your dog’s nail. They have a circle that you slip your dog’s nails into and squeeze the handles. This will send a blade down to clip the nail at the centre of the ‘loop.’

Because the blade isn’t as thick as other clipper styles, these clippers often are not strong enough to slice through large dogs’ nails.

Best for:

  • Small Dogs
  • Medium Dogs

Scissor Clippers

dogs nail being clipped

Scissor clippers look a lot like a tool you may have in your toolbox, but they have a very specific use. These heavy-duty clippers are stronger than guillotine clippers.

Scissor clippers often have rubber grip handles and a small metal piece that can work as a depth guide, so you do not clip off too much nail (even with this guide–you can still cut off too much of your dog’s nail).

To use the scissor clippers, slip the opening over your dog’s nail and squeeze. You want to pay attention to the angle you cut at, so the nail ends up laying flat on the floor post-clipping.

Best for:

  • Large Dogs
  • Extra-Large Dogs



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