Good Dog Shampoo: Choosing the Right Product for Your Pooch

Dogs and dirt: it’s nearly impossible to keep them apart. Dogs just have a knack for getting messy. If you’ve wondered what the difference is between good dog shampoo and shampoo that just doesn’t get your dog barkingly clean, we have the answers you’re looking for.

Why Does Your Dog’s Shampoo Matter?

Do you read the label on different shampoos before choosing which to buy? We bet you do. The products we use have a major impact on our health. The same is true for our dogs. In fact, your dog’s shampoo is even more important since their skin is their largest organ, and they tend to use their tongues to groom themselves between baths.

Your dog’s coat and skin are a window to their health. Their skin should be smooth, moisturized, and free of bumps and irritation. Their coat should be shiny and smooth. The right shampoo nourishes the skin and fur. Low-quality dog shampoos can cause your dog’s skin to become itchy, flaky, and even irritated, leading to an unhappy dog and potential infection.

Can I Use My Shampoo on My Dog?

Long story short: No. While your shampoo probably smells great and keeps your hair and scalp clean, it may not do the same for your dog. Your dog’s fur and skin are very different from yours. In addition to doing a better job, good dog shampoos make bathtime easier since it lathers more rapidly and rinses quickly.

Your shampoo is made for your pH and hair type, not your dog’s. Your dog’s skin is less acidic than yours, meaning human shampoo may throw off the natural pH balance of your dog’s skin.

Furthermore, many of the ingredients in your shampoo, such as fragrances, can cause your dog to have an allergic reaction.

What Makes Good Dog Shampoo Good?

what makes a good dog shampoo chihuahua with bubbles on head

How can you tell if one dog shampoo is better than another? The answer lies in the ingredients. Better dog shampoos use ingredients that support healthy skin and fur without potentially dangerous side effects. Here are some ingredients that can make bathtime beneficial for your pup:



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