The ultimate guide to dog obesity, fitness and activity monitoring

Notice your furry friend getting… rounder? You’re not alone. Around half of dogs worldwide are overweight or obese. Despite loving our dogs, it’s easy to lose track of how much activity they need, how much sleep they’re getting, and how much yumminess we’re treating them to. Guilty!
The good news is, activity monitoring makes it easy to keep your pet fit and happy. Here’s what we will cover in this article:

  • Do dogs get out of shape?
  • Why is it important to tackle pet obesity?
  • So, how to tell if my dog is overweight?
  • Any tips on how to help my dog lose weight?
  • How much exercise does a healthy dog need?
  • Any other recommendations for outdoor activities with my dog?
  • How many hours of sleep should my dog be getting?
  • How does activity monitoring help me keep my dog fit?
  • Is it possible to exercise my dog too much?
  • The weather is awful – how can I keep my dog active indoors?
  • How many steps should dogs take per day?
  • What can I try to get my dog more active?

Do dogs get out of shape?

Yes! Just like humans, dogs need a nice balance of good food and plenty of exercise. And again, just like humans, it’s sometimes not easy to tell at a glance if they’re out of shape. Which is why it’s good to have an activity tracker that lets you see how many calories your dog has burned, and how active they’ve been.

Why is it important to tackle pet obesity?

Sure, our fluffballs are beautiful in all sizes. But it’s important to know when that goes from being cute and cuddly to becoming a health concern.



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