Three Tips to Keep Your Doggo Safe During Halloween

Although a night filled with crazy costumes, buckets of candy and knocks on the door is a blast for us humans, Halloween can be chaotic for our furry friends. To be extra prepared, we’ve put together a list of our top three tips to have a spooky smooth Halloween and keep your doggo safe.

1) Keep a close eye on food & candy around the house

Most pet owners know chocolate is damaging for our pups, but it’s not the only sweet thing that can harm them. Xylitol is a sugar replacement in sugar-free candies, and even a tiny bit consumed can be toxic for dogs. It can lead to low blood sugar and liver failure. To prevent any emergency room vet visits or mishaps, keep a close watch on food, snacks and candy that’s in the house and around your pup.

2) Prevent a dog on the loose

With doors opening and closing more than normal, the last thing you want on Halloween is a runaway dog. To be extra prepared, you can microchip your pup, or throw on a light up LED collar if they’re going along trick or treating. FurHaven has a great LED safety collar option here.



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