Tomato Frog care Guide – Swell Reptiles

The Tomato Frog, aptly named for their round, vibrant orange/red bodies, are endemic to Madagascar, where they live amongst forest floors and swamps. They aren’t the most active of creatures spending most of their time buried in the earth waiting for prey to crawl by, which they catch with their large mouths and sticky tongues. They are nocturnal in nature and pretty inactive then too. But they do have astonishing colouration, so make an interesting addition to any collection.


Despite their low activity tomato frogs still require adequate space to move between crevices and to water. A minimum 60 x 45 x 30cm enclosure should provide sufficient opportunity for this. A soil-based substrate should be used to allow for burrowing behaviour and is essential for this frog’s behavioural repertoire. This will also provide a good opportunity for a bioactive setup, with live plants and clean up crew.

As well as soil, moss and leaf litter will also make good foundations of your environment and assist toward humidity and a natural look. To go with this earthy base, a number of cork pieces, logs, rocks and other decor will mean your frog has a secure environment, providing hiding opportunity as well as one that is enriching.

Heating and lighting



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