Traveling with a Dog in a Post COVID-19 World 

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can quickly turn into man’s biggest nightmare if you don’t approach them well, or handle pet travel the wrong way. Before you embark on your journey post-covid, ask yourself – would it be wise to take your dog with you, or are you better off leaving him behind with a pet-sitter?

If you have faith in your dog, and trust that you can handle it, then get ready for the hard part – getting your dog ready to board the plane or get in the car, and safely get to your destination without a problem.

Here are some tips for traveling with your pet that will help once lockdown restrictions are lifted, so good luck!

Make Them Get Used to the Car/Crate 

According to the Furry Friends Gear blog, “Taking a trip with your furry friend is really something special. However, getting them to stay cool, calm, and collected inside the vehicle can sometimes be the hardest part about these trips.” but the good news is that there are many things you can do to make sure your “furry friend” has the time of their life.

Start by making them grow used to the car or the crate, and slowly introduce them to the car or the crate. If it’s the car, keep the engine off at first and ease them into the idea of car rides by taking them on short trips. After they grow used to it, you can take them on longer trips.

As for crates, you’ll need one for your dog if you intend to travel internationally. For this, try giving your dogs food inside the crate and reward crate time with a snack or treat at the end. This way they’ll begin to associate the crate with positive emotions.

Practice Staying Away From People 

If your dog is friendly, you might want to train them to stay away from people. Dogs have been known to test positive for the coronavirus here and there, and while they don’t get sick from it, this has made many countries throughout the world be a little wary of them.

Many restaurants and malls don’t allow dogs inside anymore either, so if you take your dog to a different city, have them know that they can’t go up to random people to greet them anymore.

Check With Your Airline 

If you’re travelling by plane, check with your airline in advance if your dog will be allowed to be transported. Many airlines have posted restrictions on pet travel along with regular travel, and they’re most likely here to stay until the world has completely recovered.

If you can, check for any pet transportation company that can help you if standard airlines don’t, and if you have a budget.

Traveling with your pet is almost like traveling with a baby. So make sure you have a plan for when they get hungry, need bathroom breaks, or need to stretch their legs. Older dogs will need more care while traveling than younger ones, but puppies, too, are a handful.



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