What Is the Great Dane Lifespan?

Our dogs never live long enough — it’s the trade-off we make for the love and companionship they give us when they’re here with us. Unfortunately, as big as they are, Great Danes have one of the shortest lifespans of any dog breed.

These gentle giants may only be with us for a relatively short time, but there’s a reason they are one of the most popular breeds.

Let’s talk about how long you can expect to have them around and how you can make their lives as amazing as possible while they’re here.

Why Don’t Great Danes Live As Long?

Although every dog is different, Great Danes live about an average of eight years. The difference is evident when you compare that with the average canine lifespan of 11.

For much of the animal kingdom, bigger means better (at least, in terms of lifespan). In fact, certain types of whales can live as much as 200 years! So why doesn’t that same logic translate to the canine world?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a scientific explanation yet. However, there are some theories. It may have something to do with how they age.

Although research has debunked the idea of “dog years,” dogs age differently than humans do. And more importantly, different breeds and sizes of dogs age differently from each other.

Large breed dogs, like Great Danes, tend to age biologically quicker than smaller dogs. This may make them more susceptible to developing cancer and mean that they succumb to other age-related diseases quicker.

Because of their size, their body also has to work harder to keep them going — which can lead to their organs simply wearing out more quickly than other, smaller dogs.

How Can I Extend My Great Dane’s Lifespan?

You may not be able to get extra years out of your Great Dane, but you can help make the years they have on Earth as wonderful as possible. Focusing on the following factors can help your dog stay happy and healthy for as long as possible. It’s just how long your dog lives; quality of life is ultimately the most important — these tips focus on both.

Know Their Common Health Concerns

Like most dog breeds, Great Danes are more susceptible to a few specific health concerns. Recognizing those ailments (and potentially taking steps to prevent them) may be to extend their lifespan or at least reduce the likelihood of an early, untimely death.



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