What Makes the Best Dog Bed for Puppies

There’s nothing more exciting than getting ready to receive your new puppy at home. You start getting their leashes, dishes, toys, accessories – and, of course, a fabulous puppy bed. The best dog beds for puppies are designed with their needs in mind.

Getting your puppy a fabulous dog bed is perfect for giving them a space to call their own (and keep them off the couch too). A dog bed will keep them comfortable, warm and will protect their bone structure as they grow.

But, if only picking a modern dog bed was that easy. From millions of options to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? Hint: A LAY LO dog bed (wink-wink).

best puppy dog bed

Think About What Your Puppy Needs

Your puppy can’t tell you what it needs, but you can learn a great deal of information from the qualities of its breed. For example, short-haired or hairless breeds need the extra warmth provided by heated dog beds. On the contrary, dogs with long hair or double coats want to avoid beds that can overheat their puppies and opt for lightweight, breathable beds instead.



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