Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

  1. Have you been working more hours and your dog is alone more than they’re used to? You can have a pet sitting service, or even just a good friend, stop by and spend time with your dog.
  2. Do they seem like they are drinking excessively and urinating frequently as well as eating their poop? You should have them screened for diabetes.
  3. Is your dog gaining weight and losing hair? You may be looking at thyroid disease.
  4. Is there a possibility your dog isn’t getting adequate nutrition?

If you suspect your dog may be suffering from a metabolic disorder, get them to their vet as quickly as possible.

There are products you can put in their food that supposedly make the taste of their poop unappealing, which is only helpful if your dog is eating their own poop. These products are also not effective for all dogs.



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