Where can you find the best pet portraits?

Have you ever thought about commissioning a royal pet portrait to display in your home? If you have, here are some things for you to consider when looking for a beautiful royal pet portrait for either yourself or a loved one.


There are lots of different art styles for you to choose from. Have a think about your royal pet painting, and what medium you’d like it to be created in. You could go for a delicate watercolor, a realistic oil painting, or even a fun, comic art style. The style is really down to your personal taste, but if you’re giving a pet portrait as a gift, think carefully about what the recipient likes.


Size also matters when choosing a royal pet portrait. You can choose practically any dimensions you wish, but obviously the larger it is the more expensive it’ll be. Have a think about where it’s most likely to be displayed and work from there. You could choose a petite pet portrait that will fit a small frame that can then be placed on a bedside table.

Some tips that will help you choose the perfect royal pet portrait

  • A good method of finding a suitable artist to paint your royal pet portrait is to look at some previous examples of their work.
  • Be sure to ask specific questions about timescale, price, size, etc, before they commence work on your royal pet portrait.

Remember to choose a style of painting that works best with your home’s decor. The more effort you put into planning the work, the better the results will be.



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