Which Bravecto Flea & Tick Treatment For Dogs Is Better: Spot-On Or Chews?

Fleas and ticks are bad news for all dog parents. Without prevention, your dog might get infested with these pests, which can bite them to death and transmit dangerous diseases.

The two most common methods of tick and flea preventative treatment are spot-on treatments and oral chewable tablets that provide a long-lasting barrier against ticks and fleas. So! Bravecto Spot-On Or Chews?

Bravecto (MSD Animal Health) is one such globally recognized brand to treat fleas and ticks. It is a fast acting and long lasting treatment that is available in both topical and oral forms. But which one of them is better? Let’s dig deeper to find that out!

What is Bravecto Spot-On?

Bravecto spot-on is one of the best vet-recommended treatments for fleas and ticks. If you ask why, it gives longer lasting protection than most other popular treatments. The majority of topical treatments offer one-month protection, whereas Bravecto is exceptional here as it offers 3 months of protection!



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