Why do cats make biscuits? It might treat you as its mother

Cats making biscuits, also known as kneading, people who just started raising cats may not be used to it, is actually a completely normal behavior.

Kneading is a kind of Oedipus performance of cats. It is an instinct for kittens to increase maternal milk secretion during their infancy.

For many pet cats with superior breeding, kneading is no longer just a simple physiological performance, but gradually become a kind of recreational demand, a kind of enjoyment.

Scientific explanation

why do cats make biscuits

Kneading is an instinct for kittens to increase maternal milk secretion during their infancy. When the kitten grows up, this instinct is hidden.

But when it encounters a similar scene, this instinct is activated again, but it has no practical significance and has nothing to do with “missing the mother”.

This can be said to be a clone of the happy mood that “knead and get milk to bring satisfaction”. The difference is that “kneading” and “happy mood” establish a connection across the “satisfaction of getting milk”. It’s a psychological phenomenon.

Some common kneading situations

why do cats make biscuits

Many cats have a lot of delicate requirements for kneading environment, and the common situations are as follows.

  1. Time: cats knead mostly when they wake up, their dreams are disturbed, or the scene feels comfortable. The best proof is that cat owners are often awakened by early cats kneading.
  2. Location: it often happens on the sofa or bed.
  3. Premise: on the face of it, every time the cat steps knead, it starts directly, but it is not the case.
    Kneading is bound to be carried out only when the cat is in a good mood and feels satisfied with the life of the cat.
  4. Claw feeling: something soft and warm.
  5. Encouragement: cats need encouragement when kneading, which will increase the cat’s sense of satisfaction.
    The solution is simple: touch.
    When touching, the purring will increase, and the frequency of claw rubbing will also increase. The best part to touch is the cat’s torso. Don’t move your tail.
  6. Environment: as private as possible, undisturbed, quiet and safe.
    Kneading is a very important enjoyment for cats. To meet the needs of cats, cat owner can get along more harmoniously with cats.



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