Why do Cats Meow? 5 Reasons You can’t Ignore

When you don’t have a cat, you may think that a cat likes to bark as much as a dog and will meow all day long.

But in reality this is not the case.

Cats seldom talk, and it is difficult to get them to open their mouths unless in special circumstances.

Of course, if your cat is a “talkative” cat, it’s a different story.

Some cat owners love to listen to the cat’s crisp meowing sound, and even actively tease the cat to make it meow.

But I advise you not to do this, in case it gets angry, not only can you not hear the meowing, but it is also easy to be scratched by its claw!

cats meow

If the cat in your family is not “talkative” and rarely makes a sound, but all of a sudden, it keeps meowing at you.

In this case, you should pay attention to it.

The cat meowing is not for no reason. It may be because of these five reasons. Don’t ignore it!

Reason 1: The cat has a problem and can’t solve it on its own

Although cats are physically flexible and omnipotent at home, in fact, they also have troubles.

When a cat encounters something that it can’t handle, it will ask the cat owner for help as soon as possible.

For example, the cat is sick, the litter bowl is not clean, and the cat wants to eat snacks, which the cat can’t handle on its own, and the cat needs you to help it.

So when the cat keeps meowing at you, don’t ignore it and analyze the reason.



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