Why Do Dogs Dig Their Beds? And Other Weird Behaviors

It’s funny. Our dogs go through this ritual before going to bed that often includes scratching, digging, and even chewing their beds. But why? It turns out your dog is just “making its bed.”

Very much like you have your bedtime routine, your dog follows a similar one every time they go to bed, and it traces back to Carles Darwin-era behavior.

At LAY LO, our dog beds embrace these behaviors, like our chew-resistant dog bed with hidden zipper pockets to prevent them from chewing the corners.

The same goes for our durable dig-proof dog bed cover to protect the mattress and extend the life of your modern dog bed.

These behaviors are believed to be an inherited trait that’s actually driven by survival instinct. In the wild, dogs used to share their territory with dangerous animals like snakes and spiders attacking them in their sleep.

So, wild dogs will scratch and dig the ground before going to bed to ensure they chose a spot without dangerous critters nearby.

Another reason might just be territorial. So, dogs that share their homes with other pets might do this to mark their beds.

dog sleeping in modern dog bed



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