What are the Benefits of Waterproof Dog Beds and Crate Pads

Shopping for the perfect dog bed or crate pad for your pet can be confusing. Not only are there hundreds of shapes and sizes to choose from you also have a vast selection of brands, colours and materials to select. In a perfect world you could of course just ask your dog. We don’t live in that world however much you would like to think so. So we thought we could give you some guidance on the best material to choose for your dogs sleeping time. Bearing in mind there are usually several popular spaces for a nap around the house and the dog will be in a different state of mess for each occassion.

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Beds and Crate Pads for Working Dogs

The majority of working dogs will spend their time outdoors running around in the fields or woods. Some will be chasing pheasants and others working with sheep, what makes them special is they usually come back muckier than the average dog. This means you need to consider what happens when they get back home after a day out. Do you want a soaking wet pup sittying on your favourite carpet? Do you think they enjoy getting into a nice dry bed and wallow in smelly dampness meaning you have to clean it off again. You can find out more by reading our blog on working dogs.

Why not have a choice of beds, some soft ones for luxury kip. That night when you let them sleep in your bedroom or with the children, it makes sense to have something clean and furry that won’t need to be cleaned all the time.



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