What’s the best flea treatment for dogs?

There’s one question we see popping up time and again – what’s the best flea treatment for dogs?

We get it – nobody wants to face a flea infestation! So in this blog, we’re sharing top prevention tips to keep these pesky critters off your dog and out of your home.

Why does my dog need flea protection?

As well as irritating their skin, fleas feed on your dog’s blood. This means they’ll be feeling uncomfortable and could even be at risk of anaemia if they become heavily infested.

And you know what they say about prevention being the best cure?

It’s much easier to prevent an infestation than treat one – so using a year-round preventive treatment is essential to keeping your dog flea-free.

What’s the best flea treatment for dogs?

There’s a bewildering array of products out there: flea collars, flea spray, spot-on medications, shampoos, powders, even bombs! Which one should you pick?

There are two key factors to successful flea protection – consistency and correct dosage.

In other words, the best flea prevention for your dog is one that’s tailored to their needs, that you can easily remember to apply.

So…what’s the solution?

We’ve been there – flipping through the calendar, trying to remember the last time you protected your dog and what on earth you used…

So how do we add consistency and precision to our flea treatments?

Enter the tails.com Monthly flea, tick and worm treatment! Created by vets, we’ll deliver the exact quantity your dog needs, exactly when they need it.

Plus, this all-in-one treatment protects from:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Worms*
  • Lice
The tails.com monthly flea, tick and wormer.

Arriving in a letterbox-friendly package as a handy reminder, you’ll never miss a month’s protection again – and keep those pesky pests at bay!

*This treatment doesn’t protect against lungworm – please speak to your vet to get this treatment prescribed.

Why isn’t my flea treatment working?

If you’re finding fleas on your dog despite using a flea treatment, there are a few things to check before worrying you’ve picked up a new strain of drug-resistant super flea!

Firstly it’s important to note that using flea treatment doesn’t mean fleas won’t ever land on your dog – instead, these fleas should die within 24 hours of jumping onto your pet.



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