Ways Cats Express Love

It is a common misconception that cats don’t express love, but they actually do! The way cat’s express love is just looks different than how dogs or humans express love. Some of their actions may seem odd but if you have ever wondered if your cat loves you, I bet they do.

One of the coolest ways cat’s show love is by purring. Sometimes cats will purr when they are uncomfortable but most of the time cat’s purr because they like being around you. It’s like when a dog  greets when you come home but the cat version. My cat will meow and purr and “tell me” all about his day.

Cats will head butt and rub against you to show you love. When cat’s do this, they release a pheromone saying that you belong to them. Along with head butting, cat’s will frequently “make biscuits” or knead to express their love. They may knead on you, their favorite bed, or much-loved blanket.

An undesirable way cats will express their love is by bringing their owner “gifts”. Because cats are hunters, they may bring you their freshly caught prey. This is a sign that they deeply care for their owners as they are willing to share their tasty meal with you. Thankfully my cat only brings his toy mice to share with me!



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