Why Does My Cat Lay on My Chest?

What’s it like to have a cat that’s so clingy?

It reminds me of the couples of honeymoon period, always want to snuggle in each other’s side, feel each other’s temperature;

For cats, clingy comes in the form of wanting to hang on to their owners whenever they’re home. Either on their lap, or on their chest, they can’t leave their sight.

Once, I was suddenly awakened in my sleep by a strong sense of suffocation, as if I could not breathe underwater;

I woke up and find two cats on my chest and one next to my pillow.

Can you understand that feeling?

The two cats together weigh 8kg, and the one lying next to me weighs 6kg.

I don’t know whether to be thankful or sweet or annoyed.

After chatting with my friends, I found that they have similar experiences and often have cats laying on them when they are at home.

Although cats are heavy, they are also a “sweet burden.”

Why do cats sleep on their owners’ chests?

Cat’s instinct

Did you know that when cats’ ancestors lived in the wild, when they caught their prey, they were more willing to start from the place where the animal’s blood vessels beat.

Although the pet cat lack of these wild part, they still have an uncanny affinity and attraction to their owner’s heartbeat.

Heart beats are fun and attractive to cats. Like flowing water, flying insects, etc.

In a cat’s mind, beating and flowing can bring great comfort to their mood.

Mark its territory on you

There are many similar marking behaviors in cats.

Such as rubbing themselves against you, peeing on your bed, sofa, or clothes.

Behind these behaviors, cats leave their own scent, also known as “pheromones” on their owners.

Cats can feel the presence of their owner even from a distance in this way, and can feel safe when their owners smell like them.

From another point of view, this is also a kind of possessiveness of cats, subtext: you have me, you can’t be close to other cats and dogs outside.



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