Why Is My Cat Losing Hair? Cat Hair Loss Explained

Does your cat have a bald patch or even multiple bald areas on its body? Most cats naturally shed fur, but more significant hair loss can be concerning.

Bald areas on your cat’s body can look different depending on the underlying cause. There can also be scabs or skin irritation where there used to be hair.

Hair Loss 2
Alopecia in Cats

Understanding Alopecia in Cats

When referring to hair loss in cats, the term alopecia is often used, which simply means baldness. There are different types of alopecia in cats. The most common causes of alopecia usually occur because of an underlying condition and are considered acquired alopecia.

However, alopecia can sometimes occur without an underlying condition present. For example, some cats, such as Sphynxes, have hereditary alopecia–they are born without hair and never grow any. Siamese cats often experience pinnal alopecia, which is hair loss on the outside of the ear pinnae that usually grows back on its own. Many different breeds of adult cats experience preauricular alopecia, which is the thinning of hair between the ears and eyes. Preauricular alopecia is considered normal and not due to an underlying illness.

Causes of Hair Loss in Cats

Cats can lose patches of hair as the result of a variety of different underlying conditions. Determining the cause of the hair loss will help your veterinarian decide the best treatment options for your cat.



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