How CBD Helped Miss Daisie

It is no secret that I love animals. In fact, healing animals is my life, and every dog who passes through my door becomes family. When my community of vets has done everything they can for a sick or geriatric dog, they refer the pet parents to me. With the combined wisdom and experience of my holistic and integrative colleagues, and the power of full spectrum CBD, I feel like I have superpowers. With these integrative tools, I’ve seen wonders, dogs regaining their quality of life, mobility, health, and their very lives. CBD helped Miss Daisie, and can help your pet too.

Miss Daisie: Before CBD

When I met a 14-year-old black lab named Daisie on Oct. 1, 2019, I was excited to start helping her live her best life and enjoy her twilight years. I immediately fell in love with her gentle soul the minute she stepped foot on my farm. Her black coat peppered with gray, she had youthful eyes that twinkled despite being in her twilight years.

Miss Daisie’s pet-parent had passed away and the family brought her to my boarding facility while they made final arrangements. When I called a week later to check in with Daisie’s previous owner’s son, he told me that he could not take her, nor could he find anyone who would. The situation was traumatic for Daisie, losing her home and her family in one fell swoop, and we knew she would need extra love and I immediately offered to make my farm rescue, Fire Flake Farm, her forever home.

After a week, we could tell Daisie was terrified and confused. Before coming to us, she was being fed the cheapest kibble on the market which made matters worse. She was suffering from poor health and had a large mast cell tumor the size of a golf ball on her back just above her tail.

She could barely use her back legs and was dragging them behind her – although she wanted to be part of my pack, she could barely keep up. Unable to hear, Daisie relies on her senses of smell and vision, but life without a key sense had made her weary. She rarely looked up or made eye contact but always wanted to be near me.



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