Why Isn’t Your Dog’s Flea Treatment Working, And What To Do About It?

So you spent a lot of money on flea treatments, but your pet is always scratching? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. The reality is that eliminating fleas require more than just applying a single product to your pet. Before you get rid of fleas from your pet (and probably your house), there are a few things to think about.

Why Aren’t Dog Flea Treatments Effective?

There may be a number of reasons why your flea treatment isn’t working for your pet. The product could be made of low-quality ingredients or low-powered chemicals, you could be administering the product improperly, or you could be failing to keep your pet’s area clean, which is essential for flea eradication. Here are some possible explanations for why your flea treatment isn’t working.

  • Failing to treat the source of the infestation:

The fleas on your pet are the result of eggs that hatched in the environment. Determine the source and either treat it or limit your pet’s exposure to the region. Infestation is most commonly found in your house, yard, and parks.

  • Improper flea treatment application:

It is vital to read the directions for flea treatments, particularly topical products. Any oral flea treatments must be taken with a complete meal in order to be absorbed. Some topical flea treatments may be less effective if your pet is bathed or swims. Topical products should be applied directly to the skin between the shoulder blades in a two-inch area.

  • Misconception on how flea treatment works:

Since most flea treatments do not repel fleas, new fleas from the area can and will hop on your pet to eat. Flea treatments kill fleas either directly or indirectly by flea feeding on your pet. You should do some research on the product you’re using to see how quickly it starts killing fleas. Some products begin killing fleas within 30 minutes, while others may take up to 24 hours or more.

  • Not using a flea product that kills quickly or contains an insect growth regulator:

It is essential to begin killing fleas before they lay eggs or to use a flea treatment that eliminates the eggs. Breaking the flea’s life cycle is important.

  • It takes a bit of time:

Your Flea infestation did not occur overnight and will not be resolved in a matter of days. In reality, all stages of the flea cycle can take three to eight weeks, or two months, to fully grow and mature. For at least two months, flea treatment must be taken exactly as directed.

What are the most effective products?



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