Why Pooch & Mutt?

Functional Foods: When your dog needs a food that does more than just sustain them, our Functional Foods are the ideal solution. A range of practical dry diets, dogs will benefit from the fresh, all-natural ingredients that have been purposefully chosen to fulfil specific purposes. One of our most popular offerings is our ‘Calm & Relaxed’ dry food which helps settle excitable dogs. Or, for those with chronic joint disease, we would highly recommend our ‘Joint Care’ diet which is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate.

Superfoods: For the pampered pooches in the pack, Pooch & Mutt have developed a stand-out range of Superfood dry diets. We have included a host of nutritious and beneficial ingredients including cranberries, spinach and sweet potato. All fresh and natural, your pet’s diet may soon put yours to shame! Naturally hypoallergenic, all superfood diets are easy to digest and well-tolerated by most. This collection caters to puppies, adults, small dogs and seniors



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