Why Your Cat is the Key to Better Mental Health

The 4th June is National Hug Your Cat Day a special day celebrated every year. It’s a great time to show appreciation to our feline friends for all that they do for us. The feeling a cat lover gets when they hug their faithful feline is unlimited happiness. Yes, it’s true, the love between a cat and its owner is a deep bond that goes beyond words, but did you know that hugging your cat can help you feel great and have positive mental health too?

At Perfect-Pets we’ve done some fact digging and have discovered that without a doubt, time and time again, our feline friends help us recover from illness, loneliness, depression, and stress. Here are a few reasons why.

Purring for Relaxation

The primal sound of a cat purring is reassuring to both the cat and its owner as this shows a level of contentment and happiness. As a cat sits in its owner’s lap a moment of calm and peace can be experienced between the two which is one of the best parts of cat ownership. Some cats enjoy lap time longer than others and have to be awkwardly dismissed because of an important call or to do urgent house chores. However, all felines whether for a short or long periods love a nice cuddle and time with their owner where love and attention can be reciprocated. The sound of a purring cat and the vibrational sound of the purring brings satisfaction to both cat and its owner.



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