Why Your Dog Won’t Eat Their Food

If you’re used to your dog being a hearty eater, it might surprise you if they suddenly stop eating their food. Any change of behavior in your dog is a good reason to feel concerned. Since they can’t communicate with us through speech, everything they do is a subtle clue as to how they may be feeling.

When your dog stops eating, no matter what the reason, this is referred to as anorexia. But do not let this term worry you; it is only a medical way of saying an animal is refusing food. Dogs can go a few days without eating, but any longer than that can indicate a serious problem and could also have a negative effect on their health.

There are many reasons your dog may have stopped eating, and while not all of them are emergencies, it is important that you are able to identify the cause of your dog’s sudden change in appetite, so you can get them back on track and feeling good.



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