10 Tips To Get Your Puppy Ready For The World

Your brand-new bundle of fur and joy is home – now what? Being a new puppy owner is certainly busy and full of ups and downs. Whether you’re a first timer or an old hand, this puppy raising business means you’ll have your hands full for a while.

From socialisation to food, getting them to go to bed, learning to sit, stay – and come back – we all want our puppies to grow up into a healthy, happy and socialised dog.

When there’s so much to think about, we spoke to head vet Sean to find out his top 10 tips to get your puppy ready for the world. Are you ready?

Training basics

Start off with teaching your puppy their name – then focus on recall, sit, and stay. We teamed up with qualified behaviourist, Diane from Superhounds, for a series of super simple videos that you can use at home.



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