10 Types of Dog Collars to Choose for Your Dog

The necessity of the dog collars to manage the furry companion cannot be denied. They are essential for hanging the leash, dog licenses, IDs, vaccination licenses, etc. But the purpose of the dog collar is not limited to just identification and decoration.  To achieve these different purposes, not all dog collars can be used for all dogs.

There are several different types of dog collars present in the market. One can choose from these different types depending upon the type of purpose and nature of the dog. We have listed ten types of dog collars that may help you to choose a collar for your pet friend.

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Types of Dog Collars

Dog collars are classified into several different types depending upon their function for the pet and the owner.

1. Flat Collar

It is regarded as a standard collar for dogs. This collar is usually made of materials like Nylon, Leather, and Cloth.  There is a plastic snap or buckle closure and a ring for the attachment of the leash and tags. This flat collar can be found in many designs and colors. You should know that collar should fit on the dog’s neck comfortably, leaving a space of two fingers between the collar and skin.

Flat Collar


Most suitable collar for tie-outs as there is a slight chance for the dog to hurt himself.


Letting your dog wear this collar for a long time may cause skin problems.

2. Martingale Collar

Also famous as a limited-slip collar, this is exclusively made for dogs having narrow heads like Greyhounds, Whippets, and sighthounds. It consists of two loops with a metal ring at each end. There is an adjustable loop that goes around the neck. The leash is attached to the ring on loop. In case a pup tries to escape or pull, the collar is tightened around the neck.

Martingale Collar


This collar is very effective for slim-neck dogs and dogs that are adept at escaping.


Many owners find this collar ineffective for small dogs or bull-necked dogs. It also poses little danger of choking.

3. Led Collar

LED light-up dog collars can make nighttime frolics both safe and fun!
Whether you’re on a family summer camping trip or just taking a quick nighttime stroll around the neighborhood, a light-up collar can help keep your dog safely visible in the dark.

LED Dog Collar


Dog mom loves this LED collar – it’s sleek, edgy, and very bright.


This LED dog collar is windproof and not waterproof. The difference is that the collar can withstand some light rain or snowfall. But pouring rain, or if your dog decides to paddle in a creek, you can damage the collar.

4. Chain Slip Collars

These collars are also named Choke Chains and are used for training purposes only. During training the dog with a leash, a quick tug on the leash causes it to close on the dog’s neck giving corrections to the dog.  One should first learn this collar’s proper use before buying it.


This collar is used by trainers, new handlers and is also used in show rings.


Its improper use can be fatal for the dog. They can pose a strangulation hazard if left on the dog unattended.



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