3 Simple Ways To Keeping A Dog Bed Clean

Everyone including our pet dogs loves a good night’s sleep. Just like us, dogs often enjoy a quality dog bed for all of the same reasons.

Ultimately, the option of whether or not to provide a bed for our dog is a unique and individual decision from one owner to another. Since we have a history with animals allowing them to sleep among us especially during the cold season.

The bond with which we share with our beloved pets is indeed strengthened through years and years of mutual love, not to mention the fact that canines, in general, tend to look at their owners as the alpha in the pack.

You may have a dog that is a member of your family already or have recently gotten a new furry little friend. It may seem pretty obvious, but dog beds are an integral part of your dog’s well-being, so getting one that bests suits his (and yours) needs is something requiring a little bit of thought.

Dog Bed

There are fabric ‘donut’ style beds, and the pillow-style beds are a nice idea too, like big squishy beanbags, but anything soft or furry will help encourage your puppy/ies to stay there.

With the dogs’ sleeping habits come the many instances in which they get all too comfortable in their beds.

So much so that there are some situations that an “accident” is inevitable (especially in geriatric dogs and puppies in training). Drooling, which is common in large breed dogs, can make the bed smell unpleasant.

Dogs too have a love for the outdoors, and getting inside their beds after a rough and tumble play outside can bring in some dirt and mud. If not cleaned right away these can accumulate in their bed which hardens over time. Also, dogs get fleas and ticks that can hide in their comfy beds, pillows, blankets, even toys.

Using flea and tick powder for your dog as a treatment is helpful, even having him wear a flea collar. But if there are fleas in his bedding, the reinfestation will happen again and again.

Putting flea powder on the bed won’t help and is not as effective as you may think. Getting rid of pests involves washing the bed, and ensuring you have a product ready for both the dog, and his belongings.

Dog hairs can accumulate in their beds, too. One of the reasons why washing your dog bed clean can be difficult, and thorough cleaning must be made. Dogs of larger breeds obviously are quite big and strong. They sometimes fall asleep in the hallway or in front of doors, or on the floor heading upstairs. These are inconvenient places and therefore a nice, warm, and comfy bed is what they need.



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