5 Laylo’s Favorite Pet-Friendly Restaurants in LA

We all love to spend time outside and enjoy a delicious meal in our favorite restaurants. Still, sometimes we want to take our adorable pets with us to enjoy a day out of the house as well. With outdoor seating becoming a norm now, more restaurants are catering to pet parents and their furry dining companions. As we explore the dining scene around us, let’s explore some of our favorite pet-friendly restaurants in LA.

blue dog beer tavern photos

The name says it all. This San Fernando Valley favorite features an extensive menu of beer and bar bites. The only thing better than the food is the décor. Every inch of this place is covered with photos of dogs! Now, all you have to figure out is how to get your furry friend on the walls.

the morrison pet-friendly restaurant

What sets this place apart is their very own dog food menu, where every order is served to your pup on a silver platter. Can it get more pet-friendly than this? Seriously, when it comes to pet-friendly restaurants in LA it doesn’t get better. Bone Appétit!



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