How To Choose A Responsible Breeder

You’ve set your heart on a new puppy. It’s a very exciting time! But before you take the leap, let’s talk a bit about whether your puppy is right for you – and how to choose a responsible breeder. Puppies are brilliant, gorgeous and need a lot of attention. They grow pretty fast and demand a lot from you in the early days. So let’s start with the puppy breed basics:

Who do you live with – are you on your own or in a busy household?
Where do you live – is it a flat in a city or a cottage in the countryside?
Time – daily exercise, grooming, playtime, training time – it all counts!
Lifestyle – where does your dog fit in with how you live?
Money – dog food, treats, vet bills, training… can be $$$.

That Great Dane you adore at the park will take up a lot of space, so if you’re in a third floor flat that’s a real consideration. So are Great Dane-sized walkies, food costs, and vet bills.

Going mini? These super-cute tiny furballs need proper early socialisation to get them growing up into great adult dogs. There is such a thing as small dog syndrome. You can hear it a mile off!



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