5 Reasons Why Pets Make us so Happy

Why pets make us happy? Pet owners will know the joy of having a furry friend around the house. A cuddly companion who listens and doesn’t judge (well maybe your cat might give you a disapproving look from time to time), and who loves us unconditionally.

Owning a pet is proven to boost your emotional, mental and physical health too, so it’s no wonder a whopping 12 million British households already have one.

Pets can bring perks no matter what your age, and they can dramatically increase the quality of your life. So if you’re thinking about adding a furry or maybe even a feathered member to your family, read on to find out why having a pet could make you a happier and healthier person.

Pets keep you active

A dog is probably the best personal trainer you could ask for, dragging you out several times a day, come rain or shine. All dog breeds need regular, daily walks in order to stay happy and healthy. And us humans do too! Some people find it more challenging to keep active as they get older, so owning a dog could be the perfect answer. Studies have shown that those who take their dogs out regularly have more physical stamina, can walk more quickly and for longer periods of time, and have increased mobility around the house. Plus, all that time outdoors increases your level of vitamin D which helps keep your bones strong. And you’re much less likely to be overweight.



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