5 Tips for Perfect Pet Pics

Every pup has a glam side—and San Francisco-based photographer Ellen Shershow has been capturing them for more than 12 years. She snapped many of our fave images here at Rowan, and shares these tips so you can shoot some perfect pet pics of your own.

Consider your pup’s personality. Think about the temperament of the pup you’re photographing. Don’t ask a shy dog to act like a diva, and don’t try and get an energetic dog to act lazy. Instead, let your dog’s personality lead you to the perfect shot.

Choose a simple background. As a general rule of thumb, simpler is better. Find a plain wall, a large green bush, or any minimalist background so your dog can really stand out in your images.

Look for the light. This is your new mantra. Light, in photography, is everything. Look for the brightest, prettiest light, then throw down some liver and your dog will follow.

Capture the details. Resist the urge to only photograph your dog head on. Think about paws, noses, spots, and tails, too. These are the things that make your dog unique so record them.



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