6 Cat Breeds that You Will Love

8th August is International Cat Day, so we think it’s the perfect time to introduce you to some of our favourite cat breeds. You’re sure to fall in love with these feisty felines!

A purring cat is an image of affection and relaxation that we find simply irresistible, but which breed do you want as a new family member?

Scottish Fold

Highly confident socialites, Scottish Folds love nothing more than to be around their owners. They love to test their own mental capacity, so puzzle toys and teasers are often their favourite playthings.


Sweet-natured Burmese cats thrive on excessive amounts of attention, and are generally a highly personable breed. Left by themselves for too long, they will become lonely and begin to seek out attention. They want to be by your side, enjoying your company and doing what you’re doing.


The sociable Bengl cat exhibits one of the main signs of intelligence in cats – a visible enjoyment of human interaction. If they get the opportunity, cats of this breed tend to love exploring their surroundings by jumping and climbing, and some will even play fetch or play in the water! The breed is not generally recommended for first-time cat owners, as Bengal cats can be a bit of a handful.


Your Siamese cat will talk to you until you have no choice but to listen up if you don’t give them all the attention they want as soon as you walk in the door. Even the biggest family will be able to gel with these friendly felines thanks to their readiness to bond with children and other animals.

The low pitch of the Siamese cat’s very loud meow can often come as a surprise to new owners. Their outgoing temperaments often win praise for these elegant felines. Their elegance can be outweighed by their inquisitive, nosy natures, though, as they will explore every corner of a house and are constantly getting into mischief.



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