7 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Don’t you spend a lot of time each year coming up with novel ways to spoil your better half? This Valentine’s Day, why not try something new? Maybe it’s time to show your pet some love and care; he or she may be curled up by your bedside, wagging his tail while you read this blog. So go ahead and schedule an outing with your pet; we guarantee you’ll enjoy the change!

Here are some suggestions for Valentine’s Day celebrations with your pet:

1. Go Picnicking

Bring a picnic filled with treats for both of you and your travel-friendly dog or cat to the neighborhood park. Where do you live is it too cold for a picnic? Take your dog for a long walk while you’re wrapped up. If there is a Starbucks nearby, go there afterward for a warm drink (for you) and get a pet-friendly drink like puppuccino.

2. Enjoy a Day at the Spa

Don’t a soothing bath, a blowout, and a manicure and pedicure sound divine? With some unhurried grooming time, recreate that sensation for yourself before doing the same for your pet. Try gentle brushing and grooming as not all pets like water.

3. Go for a Spin

These days, who doesn’t need to leave the house? Leash up your dog (or your harness-loving cat) and take a drive to a scenic location if those four walls are enclosing you. A change of scenery is usually beneficial.

4. Party to Dance

Nothing like a good boogie gets the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Choose your favorite music (we highly recommend “Atomic Dog” and anything by Cat Stevens), then invite your cat or dog to join you in the dance. And don’t worry if your dancing isn’t the best. You won’t bother your dance partner at all.



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