8 Signs That You’re Definitely a Cat Person

We’re among friends here, so let’s be honest: you know you’re a cat person. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. It’s okay, we get it. At tuft + paw, we’re cat people too. Who the heck would start a cat furniture company otherwise? Now that we’ve established this is a safe space, let’s begin this non-judgmental and unapologetically bizarre list! Here are the 8 signs that you’re definitely a cat person…

A woman holds and snuggles a fluffy white cat

1) Your cat smells amazing.

If you’re NOT a cat person, this is going to sound weird. If you ARE a cat person, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Like a new car or fresh laundry, there’s something undeniably sniffable about your cat’s scent. What better way to start your day than burying your face in their neck fluff and inhaling?

2) Cat furniture > human furniture.

Oh, you thought this was your house? Incorrect! This is your cat’s castle and they generously allow you to live here. As a token of your gratitude, you’ve lavished your furry overlord with the finest of homewares, from artisanal cat trees to kingly litter boxes. If you’re lucky, maybe your cat will allow you to have some human furniture as well (which they will use as a scratching post, of course). Don’t worry, we hear you—at tuft + paw, we understand the realities of the human-cat power dynamic.

A bengal cat lying on a tuft + paw Grove Modern Cat Tower

3) You’ve got a rotation of 10 cat nicknames on the go at all times.

Heck, you might not even call your cat by their actual name! For example, we know a cat named Eddie. On any given day he’ll be addressed as Freddie, Frankie, Eddie Freddie, Mister Man, Baby Boy, Spinky, Slommy (salami), Monkey Man, Baby Cat, Marmot, and the list goes on. The nickname roster is ever evolving and perpetually increasing in absurdity.



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