National Cat Health Month: Tips on Keeping Your Cat Healthy

February is celebrated as National Cat Health Month. This month encourages cat parents to keep in check with their cat’s health. It is a month to focus on the health and well-being of our feline friends and to raise awareness about the importance of regular veterinary care, proper nutrition, and preventive measures to keep cats healthy and happy.

This National cat health day, we encourage you to have healthy practices for your cat’s health and well-being through the following ways:

1. Check your Cat’s Wellness

The first step for your cat’s well-being is to be aware of its health condition. This is done through a wellness check. A wellness check is a routine medical evaluation that determines the overall health condition of your feline. This approach will let you identify potential health issues at an early stage, so you have better preventive care and improve the chances of treatment.

2. Keep your Kitten Active

Just like humans, a cat’s activeness is important for its overall health and well-being. It prevents common health problems like obesity, joint issue, diabetes, and more. There are plenty of ways to ensure your cats remain active, like the ones that are mentioned below:

  • Buy toys: Cats love to play and thus there are plenty of playthings available for them, you can buy them string toys, laser pointers, springs, or spiral balls. These toys encourage cats to hunt and pounce. You can also bring a cat tree for them to climb and play with.
  • Provide a surface to scratch: Scratching is a natural behavior of cats that is important for their health for so many reasons. It lets them relieve stress, remove worn-out nails, muscle stretch, and exercise the muscles in their paws. To encourage scratching for cats, bring a scratching pad or scratching tree for your feline.
  • Make room for playtime: Cats enjoy the attention of their human parent. Playtime with a cat will boost your bond and also make your cat happy and healthy.

3. Regular Vaccination

In most cases, wellness checks will cover your cat’s vaccination. However, it’s important to consult Veterinary and note the right time and age for a cat’s vaccination. You should ensure that your cats receive all their vaccination dosages at an appropriate time and age.



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