Adopt Instead of Shop this Holiday Season

This year due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns pet ownership has soared and many charities are warning would be pet owners to consider adopting or rescuing a pet this holiday season rather than shopping for one from an online breeder. Sadly, the RSPCA has reported that in 2020 there has been a sharp increase in pet abandonments and the charity, like many other pet charities, has concerns that these numbers will continue to rise.  Perfect-Pets Books looks at the growing number of pet abandonments and the crisis of re-homing that charities face due to the Pandemic.

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This year the rise in pet ownership has been complicated by the Coronavirus pandemic. A recent report by Letterone has found that during lockdown a staggering 41% of current pet owners got a new pet, 95% were existing pet owners who got another animal and 5% did not previously own a pet before the lockdown. Some of these pets would have been bought from online breeders with little research done about the breed or the breeder.

According to research by the Kennel Club, the coronavirus crisis has led to a surge in puppy ownership across the UK. Bill Lambert, head of health and welfare at the Kennel Club said: “There is unprecedented demand. Normally, I get one or two inquiries a month but now it is four or five a day.”

“We do have concerns about those puppies which may have been bought on impulse, without owners doing their homework on how or where to get a dog responsibly, or fully realising a puppy is a new family member for life, not a short-term commodity.”



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