Are Dog Supplements ACTUALLY Important? Here’s Why

As a dog parent, it’s only natural for us to wonder if we’re giving our furry friends everything they need to live long, happy, and healthy lives.

That mindset is why more and more pet parents are turning to supplements to support their dogs’ wellness.

But… are supplements really everything they’re cracked up to be?

We’re here to answer that question by discussing what makes pet supplements truly beneficial, if they’re safe, and which ones are great to try.

So, let’s get started!

Your Dog’s Food Might Not Be Enough

When we think about the need for dog supplements, the best place to start is actually what goes in your pup’s food bowl.

Some might say that pets get all the nutrients and nourishment they need from their regular food. But just like human food, not all pet food is made equal. So much so, that some pet foods are loaded with junky ingredients and artificial flavors that serve no beneficial purpose.

That’s why it’s so important to keep a close eye on what ingredients you’re specifically feeding your pet, and if they might need more nutrients outside of their diet.

If you ever feel unsure about your pet’s diet, a conversation with your veterinarian is a great place to start.

So, How Can Supplements Help?

Think about your dog’s day-to-day life for a second.

What are your dog’s routines and activities? How do they act after a meal? How do they look, behave, and move?

Those are just some of the many factors you can consider, but the point is to take a closer look at your dog’s actions to see if there are certain aspects of your pet’s wellness that might need to be addressed.

For instance, some dog parents notice that their dog scares easily. Others might notice that their dog scratches themselves a lot, but don’t have fleas. Some people even notice that their dog looks uncomfortable after meals.

Depending on your concern, supplements may be able to help!

Supplements are made with ingredients and blends that may be able to help support certain areas of your pet’s well-being. Think probiotics for gut health, as one easy example.

So, by introducing supplements into your dog’s diet, you might be able to lend your pup a helping paw to keep them feeling their best.



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