Australian Shepherd Diet & Meal Plan Advice

Like people, your Aussie has tastes and preferences unique to its personality. So when you are researching the type of meal plan to offer, consider your Australian Shepherd’s preferences but don’t cut corners on nutrition.

When exploring the best meal plan for your Australian Shepherd, factor in your pet’s age, weight, activity level, and whether your pet has any allergies, and look for one that avoids any potential for allergies.

Your Australian Shepherd’s Age And Weight

The right balance of nutrition and caloric needs can be a little overwhelming at first.

We suggest that you consider your Aussie’s age and ideal weight when selecting your meal plan.

Your Aussie has different nutritional needs at various stages of life, so any meal plan you select should be appropriate for its age and weight.

One other factor to consider is your dog’s eating habits. Some dogs eat small amounts multiple times a day, like one large meal, and others eat sporadically. As the pet parent, you understand your dog’s likes and dislikes and focus on the types of calories and nutrition needs, and serving size will help them maintain a healthy weight.

Your Aussie’s Activity Levels

While evaluating meal plans, consider your Aussie’s level of fitness and age.

While some dogs are prone to overeating, Aussies are not known to be prone to weight issues, but a sedentary lifestyle may impact their metabolism.

Understand that an active dog will need a diet protein-rich as opposed to a sedentary one. The best meal plans prioritize protein from a single source such as lamb, chicken, salmon, or turkey in the food label.

Protein should be listed as the primary food source, followed by carbs and fats in that order.

Is Your Dog Allergic Or Intolerant To Types Of Foods

Dog’s that develop a foodborne allergy are prone to more allergic reactions over time. Choosing a meal plan that lists the specific nutrient source is crucial in determining the cause of a foodborne allergy.



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