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Expensive litter genie refills

Most cat owners are no strangers to litter genie pails.

This is a very convenient tool for cleaning cat litter. A pail can hold 14-21 days of cat litter. Used together with litter genie refill, it can effectively isolate the cat litter smell and bacteria, and there is no need to throw away the cat litter every day, saving a lot of trouble for cat owners.

There are three types of pails: standard, plus, and XL. The prices of the three pails themselves are not very expensive, the cheapest is only $15, and the most expensive is no more than 20$.

But the refills in the pail are much more expensive. A 4-pack litter genie refill costs 26$ at the cheapest time.

In addition, the pail can be used for many years after a single purchase, but the refill is a consumable item, which must be re-purchased after a certain period of time. For an ordinary cat family, it costs a lot to buy the refills every year.

Low quality off-brand alternatives

In addition to the original litter genie refills, there are also many cheap products on the market to choose from. But the biggest problem with these products is that they don’t fit the original litter genie pails.

Anyone who has used litter genie pails knows that the entrance of this pail is a square shape with rounded corners. Ordinary refill cartridges are either too small or too big to be stuck right at the entrance.

Other refills with suitable shapes are of low quality, unable to lock the smell like the original brand, and are no different from ordinary garage bags. In addition, the length is not as long as the original one, and it runs out in a few weeks.

The perfect cheaper alternative litter genie refill

If you want to save the time of comparison and find a perfect cheap alternative, then Lionpapa is definitely your best choice.

Lionpapa’s 4 packs litter genie refills cost only 19.99$, a cartridge of 15 feet in total length, and can be used up to 8 weeks for a cat. The more you buy, the cheaper the price. 16 packs are now only 69.99$, an average of only 4$ per cartridge.

lionpapa litter genie refills

Moreover, Lionpapa has ample supply, so you don’t have to worry about out of stock at any time, you can place the order at any time.

As for the above-mentioned problems with off-brand refills, Lionpapa can solve them all. The shape of the cartridge can perfectly fit the entrance of the litter genie standard pail and the plus pail (cannot fit for the XL pail), and it is very smooth to use.

lionpapa litter genie refills

Besides, Lionpapa’s litter genie refills are composed of 11 layers of EVOH materials, which can effectively block the smell of cat litter and bacteria, and give you and your cat a healthier living environment.

To give you more confidence to use, Lionpapa also provides free shipping service, which saves more money and time for your online shopping.



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