Calming Scents for Cat Anxiety

Are you looking for calming scents for cat anxiety? Did you even know that certain smells can have calming effects on your feline friend?

When it comes to your pet’s health, you should always stay educated on the best health care practices. Let’s take a look at how aromatherapy affects cat behavior.

Essential Oils Can Provide Calming Scents for Cats

Many of us already diffuse certain essential oils in our home for their pleasant aroma and health benefits. But do these scents have similar effects on animals?

It’s possible that particular oil scents can have the ability to calm your cat. Lavender, in particular, is quite safe for your pet to inhale. It offers both you and your cat natural calming properties, which can help them unwind from stressful situations. The relaxing effect can even encourage quality sleep which may improve his or her mood overall.

Other oil scents that can have these effects are chamomile, sage, copaiba, and frankincense. In addition to their smells, they can also heal irritated, dry skin that’s agitating your cat.

Can Certain Scents Harm My Cat?

While the oils above are safe for cats, there are some that they should avoid altogether. These oils do not work with your pet’s metabolism the same way it does with yours. Oils containing phenols don’t interact well with a cat’s liver, which can lead to serious health issues.

Oils that contain these are wintergreen, peppermint, lemon, tea tree, pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and several others.

The concentration of the oil will also play a role on how it affects the health and behavior of your cat. Remember, a cat’s scent is much stronger than yours, so the ability for a scent to affect them is much greater.

It’s always ideal to speak to a vet regarding your plans to introduce essential oils into your pet’s life. They may suggest diluting the oil somewhat, or to avoid certain oils altogether if they’re at risk for certain health issues. If you notice that your pet is suffering from nausea, tremors, or difficulty breathing, it’s a sign that one of these substances is harming them.



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