Can CBD Oil Be Used for Cancer in Dogs?

The Basics of CBD Oil

For starters, CBD is not the same thing as marijuana, though it is an active ingredient in marijuana (cannabis). What separates the two is the fact that medical CBD oil is derived from hemp plants, a close cousin of the marijuana plant. The main difference in the two plants is the lack of THC in CBD oil, meaning that CBD will not cause a “high” sensation the way THC will, nor does it have any potential for abuse or dependence.

In recent years, CBD oil has hit the market in a big way, being that human beings across the country have begun seeing the medical benefits that CBD offers. From pain cessation to epilepsy treatment, CBD is slowly becoming a household name due to its ability to provide relief for many medical conditions without patients having to constantly rely on pharmaceutical medications that tend to present an array of unpleasant side effects.

Can CBD Oil Prevent Cancer in Dogs?

It’s important to note that using CBD oil as a medical supplement is relatively new to consumers and because of this, the full range of health benefits associated with CBD use have not been completely explored by the medical community.

The FDA has yet to approve CBD oil for canine nor human medical treatments. Despite this, scores of people swear by CBD oil and the medical benefits they claim to have experienced through its use.



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