Cat not eating? Find out the potential reasons why and get your cat to eat again

As a loving cat parent, you are right to be concerned if you suddenly notice your cat not eating. A sudden loss of appetite in a cat can be fatal, especially if your cat doesn’t eat anything for over 24 hours. There are many potential reasons for a cat not eating – maybe a neighbor has been feeding them. Or worse, your cat might have ingested poison or be suffering from a serious illness. Find out why your cat won’t eat, plus what you can do to get your cat eating again.

Why is my cat not eating? 10 harmless reasons:

There are many reasons which might lead to a cat not eating, and not every instance of appetite loss is caused by disease. Some causes of a cat not eating are harmless, like those listed below. If a cat won’t eat, it may be because the cat…

  • was already fed by a neighbor.
  • ate mice or birds.
  • got too many treats.
  • is mourning the loss of an animal or human friend.
  • doesn’t like their new surroundings.
  • finds the new food bowl unfamiliar.
  • doesn’t like the new recipe of their favorite food, or the change in taste or smell.
  • finds the food too hot (as in, above 30°C).
  • is in heat.
  • is disturbed by other pets in the house eating from the same bowl.

These reasons are all harmless and in most cases, the cat will begin eating again shortly. Pay attention to your feline friend to determine if one of the above might be the cause of the cat not eating.

Unfortunately, there are also a number of serious and potentially life-threatening reasons why your cat’s not eating.



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