Chihuahua Diet & Meal Plan Advice

Now that you know the benefits of exercise, let’s discuss a couple of safety considerations.

First, you need to be aware of your Chihuahua’s overall health, age, and conditioning level. Don’t expect to take a sedentary pup on a 3-mile run and expect it to be beneficial.

Second, consider the outside temperature and terrain. Too hot or too cold, and your Chihuahua can injure its paws, making it painful for even casual walking. Also, certain weather conditions can affect different Chihuahuas in different ways.

If you need some suggestions of things to do with your pup, we have suggestions that will allow you to bond, train, and get exercise together.

Walks: Dogs love walks. Instinctually, they like to explore their surroundings to find out what has been in their immediate environment and discover any food sources or threats.

Daily walks allow your Chihuahua to catch up on all the comings-and-goings of the neighborhood, get much-needed exercise, as well as provide you with an opportunity to train, educate, and reinforce proper social behaviors.

Runs: A quick way to get vigorous exercise in less time, running is an excellent alternative to daily walks but should not be done for a very long or regular basis.

Fetch: As a game, fetch serves two primary purposes. The most obvious is getting exercise, but the underlying feature is that it allows you to teach behaviors you’d like your Chihuahua to adopt. It will strengthen the bonds between you both as a result.



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